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September 02, 2017

Seasonal Adjustments

   We are now in Labor Day weekend ...
that dreaded time of year for me that indicates the unofficial end of summer .
Once again , the summer has slipped away while I've been otherwise
occupied ...with work , care of Gabby , foot surgery and the daily duties
each day brings . Although I wait eagerly during the year for it , this
summer has been very hot and humid . There was no opportunity
to doze , windows open , gently touched by summer breezes (the neighbor's
central AC unit , mere feet from my window , prevents open windows ,
hearing birdsong and the calls of my pond frogs...sigh...) .
   Driving home from work a few days ago , I noticed the Autumn Clematis
in bloom...revealed in the dusk as brilliant white against the deep green
and brown of the Pine Barrens trees . The scent is of a lovely vanilla floral .
I look forward to seeing that and the showy fuschia colors of the
sassafras leaves that insist on presenting their herald to autumn in August !
   Unfortunately , the only free time to get to the shore was marked by
teeming rain and thunder or a foot confined to sand-and surf-free
recuperation . I have enjoyed the lightness of summer apparel and
bare-footing in the house...summer produce , especially the peaches
(brought to ripeness inside a brown paper bag with a ripe apple...
a tip from a farmer's wife)...soooo good !
   The next few months will bring cooler weather , the remaining hurricanes ,
hopefully far less dangerous than Harvey) , added clothing layers , fewer salads ,
ripening apples and hearty , hot foods and different scents in the air ,
like fireplace wood smoke and fresh-baked bread .
   May your autumn bring all good things to you !
Be well !

June 06, 2017

Rainy Day

   Here I sit , with a bit of time before dashing off to fulfill my obligations , writing to you .
It seemed to be a lovely way to begin yet another rainy day in our post-holiday season , but
I am not alone . Having left the warm nest my fleece jacket afforded her on my bed , Gabby
is now curled behind me in the desk chair . Reason dictates that one adult and one large cat
would not fit into such a small space . Reason would be correct . She is quite comfortable
in her present position . The same cannot be said for her housemate . I am now perched on
a small ledge of seat , roughly three inches in depth . It is delightful that she seeks me out
and enjoys being close...however , this position makes for numb bums and short posts !
   And so , to the soft symphony of contented purrs , I wish you well and bid you adieu !

May 29, 2017

Memorial Day

   Normally , this weekend heralds the unofficial beginning of Summer . One remembers warm weather enjoyed in shorts , breezy tops and sandals . The older family members brought out the white shoes and clothes for the first time of the year ( one just doesn't wear white things outside the Memorial Day to Labor Day time frame !). Mom was in the kitchen joyfully laboring over the party foods - the salads (macaroni , potato , cole slaw and tossed greens ) , appetizers , condiments and the ever popular mile-high cake for dessert . Dad was outside dealing with the heat and smoke of the grill, necessary to produce the hot dogs and burgers to feed the ravenous hordes . This was before the advent of sunscreen and my poor fair-skinned father was usually burned to a crisp !
   There was a delight to these gatherings...nothing like good friends and good food for good fun. Today ,  however , is grey and rainy with thunder rumblings...no white shorts in sight ! The families are either long gone or wide-spread . The memories of the past are just that...memories , with little current fulfillment .
   But today has much deeper meaning . The "memorial" we honor with all these gatherings and good food is to those brave men and women who gave so much to defend our country and freedom .
One veterans' charity's motto says , "All gave some...some gave all ." . When we go up to a veteran to thank them for their service , they are all quick to tell us they are not the heroes..."The real heroes are still over there ." . Do we ever think what it must be like to take a young person  , with little worldly experience and thrust them into the horrors that is war ?? What an assault on every part of them !
Yet they serve our country , despite the sense and sensibility (or lack thereof) that dictated that war . They are proud to defend us and what this country stands for , regardless of the personal cost .
   To all of you , veterans past and present , I wish all good things , including peace and healing .
Happy Memorial day !